Tax Preparation

Tax Time All the Time!

At Thompson & Wathen, our primary goal is to make sure individuals, sole proprietors, and small businesses are ready to file their taxes. Whether you forgot to file a few years, or are just needing the current year filed we can help bring you current with your filing requirements.


  • Individual W2 Tax Preparation or 1040 - $150.00
  • Sole Proprietor Tax Preparation - 1040 with Schedule C - $300.00*
  • Partnership, Corporation, and S Corporation Tax Preparation - $600.00*

*Books and/or financial figures must be provided. If you do not have books we offer the historical bookkeeping rates for a flat fee on a monthly basis.

Ready to file your taxes? If not, let us help you take care of what you need to file. Our historical bookkeeping focuses on the transactions throughout the year that you need for your taxes

If you're ready to work with the best, contact us today at (972) 665-9866 and let us help you with a no-obligation quote.